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Our Theme

The theme for 2019/2020 focuses on creating a better future for everyone, by enabling technologies and solutions to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Better World

Today, the world faces tremendous uncertainty and volatility on various fronts. It is easy to lose sight of key sustainability issues in the face of growing economic pressure.

To drive sustainable development, growth must be inclusive. It has to be a collective effort by consumers, policy makers, businesses and communities to improve lives of the underserved and ensure that no one is left behind.

Smarter World

Data is the foundation of meaningful policy-making, resource allocation and delivery of services. To capture sustainable value, it is imperative to harness the power of data to shed light on disparities within communities, as well as environmental and economic resource scarcities.

 Collectively, we can adopt a safe and responsible approach towards the use of data, to spur innovation and better measure sustainable development outcomes.

More Sustainable World

The Earth is being pushed to the tipping point. Climate change is already bringing destructive hurricanes and weather extremes. Consequences include forest fires, floods, and crop damage. Lives are being lost, and livelihoods already impacted.

As individuals, we must work together to reverse the harm to our planet, and ultimately lives and livelihoods. The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) lay out the path to a better and more inclusive world of hope and opportunities by 2030.

Be it meeting the growing global demand for resources without harming the Earth or addressing the specific needs of an ageing population, now is the time to act, and deliver a more sustainable future together.


The Hyper Journey

8-10 NOV 2019


FEB 2020



Accelerator Programme

Who We Are

HyperX is a flagship global innovation programme brought together by a partnership between StartupX and Temasek. The programme brings together global innovators and changemakers to build startups that can imagine, define and construct the future, by tackling the world’s biggest problems on a global scale.

StartupX is a pioneering consultancy that serves to enable and synergise innovation in corporates and startups. Through our unique community focus, we have established a robust network of startup luminaries, investors, mentors and resources to elevate the early-stage startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia and beyond.

The team comes with deep-seated expertise in understanding growth needs of corporates and startups, bridging connections to foster meaningful partnerships and enable access to innovation platforms. We curate bespoke innovation programmes that maximise business successes and build ecosystems, communities, corporates and startups.

StartupX, at its core, is a catalyst that aims to drive impactful innovation on a global scale. We constantly strive to enrich and value-add to the community that we are a part of, and bridge the gap between corporates and startups.


Temasek is a Singapore-headquartered investment company with a net portfolio value of S$313 billion (US$231b) as at 31 March 2019.

Our Temasek Charter roles as an investor, institution and steward shape our investment stance, ethos and philosophy, to do well, do right and do good.

Six structural trends help shape our investment direction in Temasek: longer lifespans, rising affluence and sustainable living drive social progress, enabled by technological solutions for sharing economies, smarter systems and a more connected world.

We actively seek sustainable solutions to address present and future challenges, as we capture investment and other opportunities that help to bring about a better, smarter and more sustainable world.

Global Partners

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